InspoGen:Passion Project

A Solution for a writer and artist's block. Generating ideas without obstructing creative thought

  • UX/UI
  • Research
  • Info Artitecture
  • Problem Solving

How may we relief a writer's or artist's block without obstructing their creative process in an efficient way?


  • JavaScript
  • InDesign, Illustrator


  • UX/UI
  • Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Interviewing

Inspired by my passion for creative writing, digital art, a need for a generator that doesn't exists and my first JavaScript project

Inspired By

The First Prompt Generator I created

• Targeting Writer's who need a quick prompt
• Inspired by a creative writing activity done in elementary school
• Took my passion to create something I still use today

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Problem Statement

Writers and artists need quick inspiration or decision to continue their work, rather than losing valuable time. Current generator/inspiration websites either have only words, or pictures. Navigation is confusing, too dated or missing aspects that is normally. In addition, they tend to have too much or too little information.

Project Goal

Inspiration Generator’s goal is to cater to three different users (hobbyists, teachers, professionals) who are story creators. The website will allow a level of personalization so that the user may receive the best options. The website is consistent of user friendly navigation, providing the user to choose the level of customization, inspiring and quality imagery .


  • • Dated Design
  • • Not consistent
  • • Navigation is confusing (no form to go back, or wording is unclear of the contents of the page)
  • • Too complex answers or no filtering system
  • • Information Anxiety

Research: Card Sorting

Online & Paper

Sorting variables into different categories


• The word 'settings' is thought to be located in Genre
• Location would include time.
• In other cases, an option meant random, twists etc
• It’s expected that plots would normally be include genres.
• Location would have a word description.

Style Guide



  • • Avenir, modern, sans-serif font
  • • Showing hierarchy by placement of importance and scale
  • • Flat design
    • Color Scheme

      Calm, inspiring, minimal

      • • Pastel color pallete.
      • • Teal represents creativity, openiness
      • • Colourful to resemble creativity but not overwhelming


  • • How many different individuals think
  • • To be wrong about your assumptions is a good feeling
  • • The amount of detail needed and how to organize the detail to create something that's fairly simple
  • • Using previous work, experiences, hobbies to my benefit

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