3rd Year

Interaction Design Student at Sheridan

Ontario, Canada

Designer who explores many different forms of design. Reliant on my passion for technology, helping others, problem solving, creating and storytelling. Using real experiences and observation to create

2 Years

of graphic/web design & showroom assistant experience

Richmondhill, Canada

Experience in a high end German kitchen cabinetry company. Exploring design, branding, UX/UI and giving friendly and informative tours


Volunteering time for innovative solutions

Ontario, Canada

1st at RBC Amplify 2019
2nd at McMaster Designathon 2019
Nuvo Network/United way Hack 2019
Runner up Adobe Creative Jam 2018
Attended Gift the Code 2018


Easy to approach
Critical Thinker

Always creating

I'm a ♎️ that calls herself an Ambivert. Socializing and working as a team is exciting and rewarding. Although, I also work best in a quiet space with no distractions until daybreak.I tend to be easily excited at new ideas and discovering new perspectives.


Always seeking new skills and passions

Since 1995

• Creative Writing
(write 600 words a day)
• Digital Painting
• Vocal
• PC Gaming
• VR
• Sims 4
• Witcher 3
• PC Building
• 3D Modeling
• Traveling


Design, Code & Social

Always developing each month Contact me for more info.


• UI
• Vectors, Digital Painting
• Visual Design
• Color Theory
• Typography
• Video & Photo editing


• Adobe Creative Cloud:Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Aftereffects
• 3D Software: 4D cinema, Rhino, Blender


• HTML/CSS & JavaScript

Soft Skills

• Creative Thinking
• Technical Writing
• Leading
• Time management
• Critical Thinking
• Empathy

Thank you for learning about me! Currently looking for an Internship for the summer of 2020

Contact me at: zani@sheridancollege.ca

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