Risi Zani

UX & UI Designer | 4th Year Interaction Design Student at Sheridan College
Reliant on my passion for technology, helping others, problem solving, creating and storytelling.



Creative Writer


PC Builder


Tech Enthusiast



Explorer, Innovator & Entrepreneur

I'm a ♎️ that calls herself an Ambivert. Socializing and working as a team is exciting and rewarding. I also work best in a quiet space with no distractions until daybreak. I tend to be easily excited at new ideas and discovering new perspectives. I founded a small design service company with called Pixbyte as well! My passion is in learning, creating and problem solving to create innovative solutions.

Work Experience

UX/UI Designer

Nov 2020 - Current UX/UI Designer at Wellness Living re-designing and handling design as a part an amazing collaborative team on a web application that helps fitness and wellness studios

Graphic, Web Design & Showroom Assistant

2017 - 2019 | 2 Years Experience in a high end German kitchen cabinetry company. Exploring design, branding, UX/UI and giving friendly and informative tours

Hackathons & more


Hack Instead 2020
1st at RBC Amplify 2019
2nd at McMaster Designathon 2019
Nuvo Network/United Way 2019
Adobe Creative Jam 2018 & 2019
Gift the Code 2018


Pixbyte Design - Co-founder 2020
uDesign President - Sheridan 2020-2021
User Research - Ministry of Labour 2019
User Research - Nuvo Network 2018

Hackathons & more


User experience & User Interface
Digital Painting
Visual Design
Video & Photo Editing


Adobe XD
Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, Premiere, InDesign
3D Software: Blender, Rhino, Unity (learning), 4D Cinema


HTML 5, Css, Sass & Javascript

Thank you for learning about me! Contact me at z.risi@yahoo.com for any questions or interests