Jim's World: Environment Awareness

Digital Storybook for kids and pre-teens on facts and ideas how to help the environment.

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  • Three.js
  • Modeling
  • 4D Cinema

Using Narrative to show the impacts of global warming and small solutions.


  • Cinema 4D
  • Rhino 3D
  • Three.js


  • Conceptualizing
  • Project Management

Project Challanges

Self decision to restart after 6 weeks of work

  • • Learning three.js and javascript while trying to complete project
  • • Not straying off from the main message
  • • Managing how much time certain aspects take
  • • Knowing how to start


Jim’s world was a beautiful heaven, but his bad habits and business is hurting the fragile ecosystem.

Users will be able to use the sliders to read into Jim's story in the order that they would like. They will also receive some small information on what occurred in the past, and what can be done now.

The three islands that represent three different types of environments and events that had occurred due to storms as well. This model will cover a bit of storms and flooding, while trying to give the message that we can collectively help and protest, while being entertaining. The vibrate color is to also to ease off any blame that the message may give in one aspect.

Target Audience

The target audience is ten to pre-teens. The chosen colors are meant to give off a fun, playful aspect to encourage play. Therefor, it will provide solutions that they are capable of and encourage positive habits.

*Image is from the mobile game Monument. Colour scheme inspired by Monument

Iteration 1 User flow


The navigation would have been a slider. Depending on the percentage of each slider would change the environment.

Why it didn't it work?

• Difficult to navigate for certain ages
• Didn't add to the actual concept or message
• Too complex
• Time constraints made it difficult to get all working
• Might increase loading times

Model iteration 1

3 Islands representing different environments to showcase the effect in different areas

Why it didn't it work?

Models in the distant doesn't make it feel as personal

The Turning Point

Two weeks until the due date and I wasn't happy with my project. Despite having coded it and being far along. I decided to restart, only taking a few elements from the pervious.

Learning to Restart



  • • Not to be afraid to start all over
  • • How to time manage in a short amount of time
  • • Getting back on track with the concept
  • • Knowing when certain aspects are better to be left out because they don't add to the message
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