Google Doodle: VR Study

50th Year Celebration of VR. Covering the history, and concepts for a google doodle.

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  • Research
  • Modeling
  • Ideating
  • A-Frame

What is the history of VR? What are benefits and cons? How may we create a google doodle to celebrate VR?


  • A-frame
  • 4D Cinema
  • Photoshop


  • Research
  • Concepts
  • Project Management


  • Research
  • Building Model
  • Ideating


  • Roneilla
  • Isabelle

*only personal work is shown

Project Challanges

Learning the capabilties of VR

  • • The future possiblities for VR
  • • Technologies Avaliable and the limitations
  • • Narrowing down the concepts

First indication of VR was in 1960's, an invention called the sensorama. Which is more of an 4D movie theatre

VR History

The sensorama was incapable of reacting to head motions, nor did it take place in a 3D world. The sensorama emitted the smell, the breeze and vibration of the film to give a 4D film experience.

Therefor, The first VR like system that reflects our VR helmets today originates from Ivan Sutherland in 1968 and his head-mounted bulky headset. The headset was attached to the ceiling and was known to be very heavy. It used 2D mathematical computer d rawings to create a 3D space that the user would be able to turn their head and look around in. The space would be black and white and appear as a wireframe.

View more of my research on Oculus Rift here

Trend Card

Final Concept

A VR world/island that incorporates google colors in the landscape. The user will be first be introduced into a wireframe world with the letters 'Google' in place. They stare at the 'O' and will be teleported into the island.

Research: VR & Nausea.

Research and my own personal experience shows that VR can cause some dizziness, nausea. It isn't recommended to keep the helmet on.I got a few others to try, most felt sick when they required to move around.

I found in order to use the helmet, it's best the user is well rested before thinking about mounting in a VR game that requires walking in the game.

*Image is a quick mockup for the model

5 Hours in VR

Out of curiosity, I wanted to determine what side effects I'd experience being in VR for 5 hours with the Ps4 VR. I discovered:

• Taking off the helmet makes the real world feel surreal
• Touch, sight felt weird for about an hour
• Looking my phone screen had a weird effect
• Sunlight and waves in VR does create a calmness, especially when in Canada it's always so grey. *Can it act as a placebo for the sun?
• Very immersive once I moved past the sickness


  • • Gained knowledge of the different platforms, techonolgy out for VR
  • • VR & even AR is the future
  • • Caused me to Test Oculus Rift, Ps4 VR, and non-VR like the hololens
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